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Ben Peek

(it's a blog)

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12 October
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Ben Peek is a writer. He lives in Sydney.

He has published short stories, poems, a chapbook, and essays. In 2000, he created a zine called the Urban Sprawl Project, but it no longer runs. His novels include, Black Sheep, a dystopian novel, published by Prime Books, and an autobiography, Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth published by Wheatland Press. Plus, there's a bunch of short fiction around.

The blog here is a nice and public blog. Friend it up, get a bloglines feed, say hi. Whatever pleases you.

Please note, however, that due to the size of people who friend this thing, I don't friend everyone back. If you want to read the blog, that's cool, please do, but I just friend my mates. It's no thing, really.

a silver mt zion, agog!, akira kurosawa, alan moore, aldous huxley, alice in chains, anarchy, angel, anthony burgess, anti-authority, apathy, art of fighting, arthur koestler, audioslave, audrey tatou, australia, avoiding fame, avram davidson, battle royale, bill hicks, black, blood, books, branding, change, charles bukowski, cheese, cloning, comics, concrete, conjunctions, crispy bacon, dante, david lapham, dead cities, dead god, deadwood, death, death culture, experimental writing, fables, fantasy, fiction, flea circus, freedom from you, freedom of ideas, freedom of speech, frenzal rhomb, fritz leiber, gabriel garcia marquez, genres, geoff ryman, george orwell, godspeed you black emperor, goth, gothic, grant morrison, haruki murakami, hellboy, henri lefebvre, historical lies, history, ipod, italo calvino, james morrow, jeff buckley, jeff ford, jeff vandermeer, jim jarmusch, jonathan carroll, jorge luis borges, joseph cotten, kathy acker, life, lists, live music, lucius shepard, lydia millet, macross, margaret weis, mark twain, mark z. danielewski, mcsweeneys, michael chabon, michael ondaatje, midgets, mikhail bulgakov, money, movies, music, myths, neil gaiman, not voting, novels, orson welles, paganism, paul pope, peter carey, photography, polyphony, rage against the machine, raymond chandler, read, refused, religion, ross gibson, salman rushdie, scott morse, secrets, sex, short stories, snog, social science fiction, speculative fiction, sticky things, surreal, sydney, tex perkins, the (international) noise conspiracy, the beats, the city, the coen brothers, the cure, the flaming lips, the john butler trio, the polyphonic spree, the waifs, thomas lynch, tom waits, transformers, transformers g1, urban life, vladimir nabakov, walter benjamin, warren ellis, women, world of warcraft, writing, you?

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