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Leviathan’s Blood Review Offer

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Last week, Leviathan’s Blood came out in the US. It is now available everywhere it is going to be released.

It has gotten some nice reviews from various places, but it is the middle book in a trilogy, and it could do with some more. Perhaps unsurprisingly, less people review second books, and instead opt to review first – because it is the start – and the last, because it is the end. It’s not a bad thing, except it means that second books can slip by peoples radars, and who would want that to happen to such a fine book as mine, right?

(Well, there’s probably someone, but we’ll ignore them.)

Anyhow: to help push it a long, I have an offer for those of you who have read Leviathan’s Blood, or are reading it. The offer is, at the end, if you drop a review on Amazon and Goodreads, I’ll send you a signed copy of my collection, Dead Americans and Other Stories, or the flip novel I co-wrote with Stephanie Campisi for 12th Planet Press, Above/Below. Stocks are a bit limited, so it is a first in, first served situation, and you can either contact me at benjaminmichaelpeek at gmail dot com or on twitter or facebook. If you’ve got both of those, I might be able to work out something for you.

But as I say, a second book needs your love and exposure, and I’d like to help that happen – so don’t be afraid to hit me up.

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