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Giveaways for the Godless and Leviathan’s Blood.

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Just a quick heads up about some giveaways I’m running on Goodreads.

I’m giving away paperbacks, hardcovers, and signed hardcovers for my two fantasy novels, The Godless, and Leviathan’s Blood. You do, sadly, need an account on Goodreads to enter, but I’m trying it out, to see if it makes for a nice way to bring in more people to the books. We’ll see, I guess.

If you haven’t heard of The Godless or Leviathan’s Blood, they are the first two books in the Children Trilogy. The third one will be The Eternal Kingdom. It will be out next year. But if you haven’t heard of them, they are books set in a world where a war of the gods has broken the sun, turned the ocean black, and left the corpses of gods scattered across the lands, altering it. In that world, the divinity of the gods has begun to seep into men and women, giving them powers. For some, it is good. For others, it is bad. You can wake up one day and find that your body burns, or that flowers have begun to grow out of your skin. You can find yourself thrown out of your family and friends, and feared, for who you have become. In that world, an army is marching on a small town in the mountains called Mireea. In that town, Ayae, a cartographer’s apprentice, is about to wake up. The exiled baron turned saboteur, Bueralan Le, is about to take on a job for the ruler of that town. And Zaifyr, who knows what happens to the dead in a world without gods, is about to arrive.

I have had great fun writing the books. They’re a love letter to the fantasy I loved as a child, and the literature I love as an adult.

As always, if you have read the books, tell a friend, leave a review, and all that fine, excellent stuff that helps get the word out. And if you’re a reviewer, and you’d like a copy, email me through the page here and I’ll hook you up.

Anyhow: enjoy the giveaways, all.

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