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Leviathan’s Blood: Nearing Release

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Yesterday, copies of Leviathan’s Blood arrived. These were the UK editions. The book will be released on April 7th, so just over a week from now. Germany and America will follow in May, on the 2nd and 31st respectively. It’s a big, cool book, I reckon – I like it more than The Godless because I think, in certain ways, Leviathan’s Blood is more ambitious. But I’ll let others decide that, in the end. I’m pretty content with it. It’s the middle part of the trilogy, and as with all middle parts, it’s the dark centre.

Like all middle books – well, like all my books – Leviathan’s Blood is going to need help appearing on the radars of people who haven’t heard of the series, and that’s where you can help. You can do that by pre-ordering (or ordering, if you come by this post after the book’s release), by telling your friends, posting reviews, starting conversations about it and, of course, by buying a thousand copies each. Now, I know what you’re saying, ‘Ben, what would I do with a thousand copies of your book?’ to which I say, ‘You could us 999 to burn the bodies of your enemies.’ Not, of course, that I condone book burning. Or murder, for that matter. But if you find yourself with a thousand copies and the body of your enemy… well, let me just say, I understand. Needs must. Of course.

Still, murder or not, I am grateful for the support you give.

On release day, I’ll put up the soundtrack for Leviathan’s Blood, and before that, there will be a few bog posts and the like. They’ll get linked through here, and no doubt through twitter, and facebook, so be sure to check in and see it.



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