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The Godless Giveaway

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Yesterday afternoon, a UPS van rolled up outside my place, and a box of boxes was delivered to me. Inside it was the paperback of the Godless.


Nice, hey?

Of course, the question is, what do I need with all those copies of the book? The answer is: I don’t. They’ll sit in a box in the corner of my office, where they will take up space, and become part of the cat’s late night sprinting course through the house (we have young cats). It’s not the fate that shiny new books should be subjected to.

So, it’s time for a giveaway.

I have fifteen copies I’m going to send around to various people from various parts of the world. The box had twenty, but I’ll keep five for friends, family, and vague strangers that you have to thrust copies upon at random intervals (you’d be surprised), but the rest, I’m going to give to the people who drop me a line first or some other completely random reason like I liked the sound of their address. It appears the old livejournal redirect I was using has died – or at least isn’t working at the moment – so drop me a line at benjaminmichaelpeek at gmail dot com if you’re wanting one.

I’m not fussed where you live, or anything like that, so don’t stress it if you’re in Iceland or Mexico or wherever. However, once you have one, what you can do for me is, after you have read it, if you liked it, tell a friend about the book, or even buy one for them as a gift.



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