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And so, we’re back.

I hope you had a good holiday, wherever you were, and that it was easy, and chill. It was, thankfully, that for myself and my girlfriend. Over the break, I got given a record player after fussing around and not buying one for a number of years, so at the end of the year, we sat round, played records, read books, and drank. It was a nice way to finish 2014, and I won’t miss that year, for all the good it held, because of all the sadness it held. A new year, a new start. Until, of course, it is no longer that.


In Febuary, the paperback edition of The Godless will be released, and the book will be truly out and about. Later, in the early part of August, Leviathan’s Blood will be released in hardcover.

Hardcovers are, by and large, considered editions for collectors these days. Personally, I prefer them to paperbacks, but a lot of people like the small editions, for price, size, and simple safety, one assumes. Still, for all the collectors, we have done pretty decently so far. The book could do with more people talking about it and writing their favourable comments about it for all to see. Even if it’s your first time dropping a few lines on Amazon or Goodreads, it helps me out (Amazon, for example, gives a bit more promotion to a book for every twenty five five star reviews). A lot more of you have read the book than who have written there, and to judge from the feedback I get, a lot of you like it and dig it. If you want to help other people to be see it and spread your love, you’ll need to lend your voice a little. You’ll have my thanks, and I’ll keep thanking you, likely, until I surpass some huge number and own some country, somewhere.

Occasionally, I feel like it’s an endless noise promoting books. I feel like you’re always shouting to make yourself heard over all the other authors who have other books they want you to buy. I think back to last year, and all the blog pieces I wrote about Dead Americans and the Godless, all the pieces that I wrote that weren’t about them (but which were, because I wanted you to buy them), all the interviews, and so on and so forth. I have no idea how the broader reading public decides upon one over the other. But I guess the noise continues, really, and I’ll do the same this year, and keep doing it next year, because at the end of the day, that’s how the gig works.

Could be worse, I suppose. I could be in in film.


I like this record player, though of course, I have only a few records. Most of them are old jazz albums my grandfather had, as well as old 75s, and a few classics, here and there. My first record purchased was a Tom Waits performance from the seventies, for those of you curious. But regardless, there’s something very different to listening to a record, and I am not talking about the sound. No, rather it is the experience, the tacticle sensation of placing the record onto the table, and lowering the needle, and letting it play the entire side, song after song, until it reaches the centre, and then you turn it over. I had never stopped listening to albums that way, but in the last few weeks, I have gained a renewed appreciation of it, I believe. Listening to the music, the way the songs fall, the organisation of the album, and sequence of it, until the very end of both sides.

The new year begins, everyone.


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