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On Friday, the girlfriend and I adopted two black cats, around eleven months old each. Before we left for London we agreed that, upon our return, we would take in a new cat, and these two, brother and sister, came as a pair from the rescue shelter. They are both settling in well, and it is nice to have a new pair of animals around – and in truth, I have missed telling my friends how the cat is doing when they clearly have no interest in it. Good times, ahead.

Anyhow: the cats are settling in, becoming used to us, and finding all the hiding spots around the house that neither of us know about.

In other news, the Godless is moving along, appearing in stores, being shared by people around. A friend of mine took this photo in Dymocks in Perth’s CBD.


Wild, hey?

For my part, I just try and get people to talk about the book in places, to let word of mouth build. I tell myself that it is a long game I’m playing – there’s a paperback next year, a second book after that, then the paperback of that and the third book, but it’s such a strange experience seeing a book I wrote shelved that like that I vaguely feel a sense of panic that it’s not going to work out, that everything is a disaster already… and it’s around that time that I get up, walk away from the ‘net and the computer, and try to do something different for a while. Occasionally it makes a difference. Occasionally not.

At any rate, there’s a bunch of stuff that needs doing today, and I ought to go and do that, really. Also, I’ve lost track of one of the new cats again.

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