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LonCon (and London)

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Tomorrow, I get on a plane, and I begin the long flight to London, where I will be at LonCon, and London. Somewhere during this, a book of mine will be released. I hope you all buy it.

My schedule at LonCon will look like this:


12.30 to 1.30: Worldbuilding Panel.

Capital Suite 9, Excel Centre.


12.00 to 1.30: Signing Books and Looking Friendly and Approachable.

Exhibit Hall Autographing Space.

3.00 to 4.00: Coffee Chat and Looking Even More Approachable in Polite Atmosphere.

London Suite 5, Excel Centre.


6.00 to 7.00: Reading the Other.

Capital Suite 3, Excel Centre.


2.00 to 4.00: Launch of Helen Marshall’s Gifts for the One Who Comes After and Rob Shearman’s Do the Same Things Different There, A Planned Meeting of People to Represent ChiZine and Burn Effigies of Someone Yet to be Decided (well, not really the last bit.)

Beijing Tent in Fan Village.

4.30 to 6.00: The Australian and New Zealand SFF Panel.

Capital Suite 3, Excel Centre.


And on Monday, I will be at Goldsboro Books signing some books for them from around 11.00, so if you happen by, come in and say hi, for I will appreciate such kindness.

There will probably be some other things, but this is what it is so far, but regardless, if you’re there, and you see me, please, come and say hi, and have a chat. I’m a terrible hermit who avoids these things, so the truth is, I probably won’t be at them all that regularly, and lets be honest, no one is really going to know me from any other random, so I’ll be all too happy to talk for a while. If you want something signed, that’s no stress, either. Just hit me up and try not to notice how terribly unprepared for you I am.

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing who I see.

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