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In just under three weeks, the Godless will be released in the UK (four weeks for the US).

Because of that, two interviews were released with me this week. The first, with David Barnett, is on, and comes with a psychedlic koala. As a small rundown of things I talk about, there are comics, title changes, why treating everyone equal is the way to go, and the words roughty roughty.

The second is less an interview and more of a discussion that Rjurik Davidson and I had for Fantasy Faction. We cover a lot of ground, including practices in world building, morality, Gary Oldman, equality, and social theory, just to name a few. It’s a pretty big discussion, so you ought to settle in with it, and enjoy the size and breadth of it. Also, the fact that the word fuck was censored, but anal remained, as well as a couple of my typos. Gotta keep on top of that fuck, though, right?

Lastly, I wrote an article on being a writer at the start of your career for Pop Verse. In response, someone said I am not as nihilistic as that and that with such a nice name, how could I be so nihilistic? To that, I say: thank you.

I take my flattery wherever and whenever I can get it. That’s a good life skill, if anyone is looking for one.

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