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The Godless: Samples, Reviews, Interviews

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The Godless is beginning to appear in the world. It isn’t released until August, but photos of ARCs are appearing on twitter (Warren Ellis even has one), samples are appearing for people to read, and there are interviews and even reviews. Well, just one at the moment, but it is the Publishers Weekly review.

It is fairly positive:

“Fifteen thousand years ago, the true gods turned on each other for reasons beyond mortal ken. The outcome of their struggles is a landscape dominated by the corpses of dead and dying divinities. When fire fails to consume shop clerk Ayae, she discovers that she is one of the “cursed,” imbued with power by a divine spark. Her newfound abilities set her apart from the rest of the denizens in her beloved city of Mireea. The cursed are not the only legacies of the gods; as an army mysterious in purpose and savage in method advances on Mireea, determined to recover a treasure the Mireeans have forgotten, Ayae joins steadfast mercenaries and would-be deities in defense of her adopted homeland. Peek (Black Sheep) weaves multiple threads of the plot together with considerable skill. Ayae and the story’s other protagonists—reformed megalomaniac Zaifyr, baron turned professional saboteur Bueralan—are well developed, in contrast to the scenery-chewing monsters they oppose. Although this volume serves mainly to introduce the Children series, readers fond of open-ended epic fantasies set in vivid, and occasionally lurid, worlds will find it right up their alley.”

However, reviews are reviews, and what is better than reviews is excerpts, and ran five days of excerpts last week, revealing the first five chapters of the book. Pretty cool, really, and you can, of course, go here and read a bit of the book yourself (and if you like it, please, share it around for others).

Lastly, I began doing some interviews last week, all in the name of getting word out, and helping promote the book. The first of them was with Stefan Fergus at his blog. You can read it here, if you so desire.

If you want an interview, or want to get into touch with me about anything in regards to the Godless (perhaps you want to discuss reformed megalomaniacs), then by all means, drop me an email.



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