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The Dead American Tapes

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Well, they’re not really tapes, but I like to imagine those old, 70s film style tapes of conversations when I do interviews. I also like to imagine that you all wear giant headphones while listening to this interview I did with Sean Wright for the Galactic Chat podcast. We talk about Dead Americans, the Godless, and such exciting things like the ethics of reviews, race in science fiction, and so on and so forth. I’m not going to lie, I completely mispronounce Butler’s Xenogenesis series, but I do manage to get ChiZine right.

For those of you without big headphones and giant tape machines, I have a print interview with Kirstin from My Bookish Ways. We talk about Dead Americans, research, Lucius Shepard, and I may accidently call Butler’s last novel Kindred, when it is clearly entitled Fledgling.

Now, off to get the day moving, and to continue pushing to the end of the new book.

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