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Dead Americans Available in More Places Plus Review

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Dead Americans and Other Stories is not officially released until March 18th, but copies are appearing already. You can buy it off Amazon in the US, now.

Also, one of the first ‘advance’ reviews has appeared, and it’s pretty nice:

In some respects though, reading Dead Americans, which collects some of his best work over the last decade, is the best way to discover him.  You get to see a good range of work and you get to see a consistent facility with words and style.  I have no reservation in saying that he’d be one of Australia’s best writers.  He demonstrates in Dead Americans, the ability to play inside the science fiction genre, riffing off it’s history or building dark futures so real that you shake the ash from your coat after reading. Then with seeming ease he will walk you into some fractured liminal zone between genres where you don’t quite know where you stand or what the rules are.


Follow the link for the rest.


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