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2013, Goodbye

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2013 is nearly done.

It has been, I can safetly say, an odd, surprising year.

I sold the Godless and two other books for what is easily more money than I have made in twenty years of writing (I sold my first short story to a fantasy magazine called Australian Realms when I was seventeen; the magazine folded before it was published and I was never paid, which in hindsight, was perhaps the best lesson for the following two decades). It will be out in August 2014, and until then, I have completely enjoyed having sold a book very few have read with a contract for two more that I am currenly writing. It’s long days, but it’s nice days, and that’s certainly worth noting.

My girlfriend probably spent what felt like a lot of time filling in paperwork for the Australian Government, saving trees, and generally ensuring I kept myself together. Living with me is just that exciting. She has a project she’s working on that mixes photography and prose together (the latter is mine) which moves along pretty well and should be, at the end, this huge, sprawling text of Sydney that mixes the insider and outsider’s gaze together. But before that, we’ll hear back about our relationship visa from the Government, and that will, likely, be 2014 in two big things.

Oh, and we’ll build a better darkroom next year. If I suceed in doing one thing in my life, it will be turning the garage into a stylish darkroom. I bought my first drill this year, so that ought to tell you what stands between me and that.

At any rate, I long ago stopped making resolutions, unless they were kind of stupid, like the year my friend and I gave up fastfood – easy until two am in the morning – and I long ago gave up trying to figure out what a year will be like, but 2014 is upon us all soon.

But there’ll be more books that I read, books that I publish, and all the things that life brings you before and after, with friends and enemies and so on and so forth.

Here’s hoping it’ll be fine.

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