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Immolation/The Godless/Verflucht: Ära der Götter

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I mentioned a while back that the title of Immolation might change. It’s not hugely uncommon, truthfully, and, indeed, it will no longer be known as Immolation, but rather the Godless. That was the title I had originally while writing it and which I thought no one would like or buy, thus proving how much I know about what I am doing. The second and third book will have different titles as well, and they’ll get announced as it goes.


In Germany, the book will be called Verflucht: Ära der Götterwhich, y’know, cool-because-its-German, hey?

And the German cover, you ask?

Reportedly the cloak goes around the whole of the book.

Anyhow, the book will be published by Piper Verlag and translated by Irene Holicki, for those of you who keep track of these things.

In other news, Dead Americans and Other Stories has gone to press. Official publication date is now mid March of 2014, so sweet, hey?

Y’know, I hope that at the end of the next year I will be to sit here and say that everyone for all these books worked out well, I honestly do. It’s gonna be a crazy year in 2014, and I’m totally looking forward to it like you would not believe.



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