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New Site, New Live

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Once, years ago, I had a website under the web address of my name. German students came to it after their HSC to tell me that Black Sheep, my first novel, had appeared in one of their final exams. It was about the most interesting thing that ever happened to that website, beside being hacked and turned into a porn site, briefly, and then left to the cyber wasteland as I neglected it due to my inability to redesign it. Shortly after, I let it lapse, and let the domain name lapse, and now, I imagine, it sells something vaguely Japanese and pornographic to elderly men. Which is my way of saying, ‘That was the old site, and this is the new site, free of all the friendly pornography the Japanese create.’

For most of my online life, I have kept a blog at livejournal, and that has served as my low fi webspace. It started as place for me to talk about my doctorate, then became a self promotion tool, then became somewhat of a way to keep track of this long, twisted road of being an author. Years ago, an anonymous person purchased me a permanent account, and for better or worse through livejournals decline, I have kept it there. I made over three thousand entries. I know this because when Nikilyn Nevins made this site (I still have no web design skills) she transferred over all the entries to here. I began it on February 22nd, 2002, and a decade and a bit of entries are now here, vaguely shiny, with comments, more or less. It may be a bit twitchy, here and there.

Assuming everything is working properly, this will feed into the old blog, which I intend to keep. It will also feed into twitter and into facebook, and possibly wherever else it should, eventually.

I am using the url I am because, a long time ago, I made a psychogeography zine about Sydney under the same title, and gave it out for free, anonymously. It was a shocking amount of work – Naomi Hatchman designed it and made it look pretty and Daniel Cassar helped take disposable photos and went in for printing costs with me – and we managed an amazing two issues of it. But in a way, it was a place where I finally began to understand what sort of artist I was, to understand how I functioned and how I did not. The relationship I was in at that time ended poorly, as they all inevitably did back then, but the zine and what it was always remained important to me. You’ll never find one now, and perhaps rightly so, but I feel particular to the name and the title, and I am pleased it exists, again.

At any rate, welcome to the new site. Hopefully you dig it. The images that scroll across the top are Nik’s, and the words are mine, and everything else is somewhere inbetween.


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