Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Dead Americans Almost Live

On the weekend, it was the fiftieth anniversary of the Assassination of JFK, and the proofs for Dead Americans arrived in my email. It heads off to press, soon, I am told.

It is about this time that a book begins to look like a book. It is not the physical object, not yet, but it has moved beyond being a document file, a mix of elements, and is now like the image of an embryo on a monitor. I was pretty pleased by what I saw - naturally I am the most impartial of viewers - and I think it will be neat book when it is out in the world. In a way, it was strange to read it in this format, as if a mirror had been held up in an angle you don't usually see yourself. I tend to think of myself as intellectually lazy, easy going, and mostly cynically amused by the world I live in, but I don't think anyone who reads the book will think that (well, perhaps the first: there's always someone willing to jump onto the negative descriptions you've got of yourself). But I thought the book was a dark, weird thing, with a lot of variety and nuance to it. I thought, as I have thought since I wrote it, that the novella, 'Octavia E. Butler' was one of my finest pieces. I fully expect people not to agree with me on, for people not to like it, or to find it obscure, but I will maintain my stance. But truthfully, I thought all the stories stood up well, which you know, being impartial and all, means I am the person to listen too. Still, I don't think that about a lot of my work in hindsight (I think Black Sheep is a mess, for example) and I left a lot of short fiction out of the book because of that.

Anyhow, here's the sweet cover, again:

You can pre-order it, as well.

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