Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


This blog is even slower than usual, this week.

Mostly, it is because last week, during the high winds that have been kicking up in NSW, a very large part of a much larger gum tree broke away and fell onto the power lines of our place, ripping out the power, the gutters, a bit of the roof, and so forth. It left a mess of live wires and repairs and insurance, and while it really could have been much worse, it has soaked up our time and head space. We're unsure if the remains of the tree can be saved--a lot of people think not--but we've got someone who knows their stuff coming out to check it out in a couple of weeks, and with any luck, we will. The saddest image of the whole day was the young magpie who had been living in the part of the tree that fell, hopping around its remains, looking distraught, and unsure what to do with itself.

In other news, edits have started to come through for Immolation and I'll be working on those, soon, I reckon. The next book moves along at about the right pace, though the fall of the tree has interrupted that, as it's a bit hard to write when construction and chainsaws are going on around you--but the whole net feel is of books moving forward, towards publication, to having people read them, and all of that goodness.

Anyhow, back to things before people arrive again to start the noise.

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