Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

And the Following Day

Yesterday, the announcement that Immolation was bought by Tor, who also signed on for another two books of Children, was released.

It happened last week, but before that, there was a week of waiting for the auction. I refrained from blogging or saying much online, for fear that I might cause it all to disappear if I spoke about it, and also to refrain from saying I had amazing news I couldn't share (or used the word Sekrit). Besides, I had N. to listen to running commentary on how it wouldn't work out, how no one would bid, and so on and so forth. Never mind the reality of the situation. I suspect that's why she gave me alcohol on the night bidding began, so I could drink and check my email every ten seconds. All the hard work was being done by my agent, which was good, because I was functionally useless after the first offer. The truth was, it was more money than I had made in eighteen years of publishing fiction.

Most of this post is about publicly thanking the people who made the sale happen and gave me the opportunity I now have. I am humbled by the fact that Julie Crisp bought the series and very thankful. My agent John Jarrold was superb, from comments on the book before submission, to the way he executed the whole sale. I'm fairly confident in saying that without him the outcome would not be nearly as favourable. Likewise, Tessa Kum's feedback was the book was excellent, as always, and she abused me for my stupidity when needed. Kyla Ward, who also read the book, was similarly disposed to pointing out my stupidity. I have imposed on both Tess and Kyla before for feedback, and I plan now to place them in cages and keep them safe and secure for all time, now. But, no, seriously: both have excellent instincts when it comes to fiction, and without either, the book would have been lesser.

Lastly, I have to thank my girlfriend, Nikilyn Nevins. Not only did she read the book multiple times and offer fine feedback (she is and always will be amazingly well read) but she also listened to me as I worked through an endless series of scenarios that wouldn't work. I wouldn't find a new agent, I wouldn't sell the book, I wouldn't have anyone bid. She will no doubt have to listen to more as No One Will Read It and I Will Never Finish This Second Book come up. They have no basis in reality, but this appears to be the way of things. Love, in many ways, is about patiently living through moments that make you want to strangle your partner, and for this, I cannot offer enough thanks.

Her latest photo book review is, incidentally, of A Confederacy of Dunces, which features our cat, Lily.

The cat, however, gets no thanks, on account of the fact that the other day she licked my eyeball to wake me up and feed her.

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