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noise: 'i woke up in a strange place' the keys clacking 'and i remember words you told me' the fan turning spinning blowing air fizzle of pepsi 'love came calling as a counterfeit mistress' jeff buckley download the hard drive turning barely the road and cars upon it shunts of air don't you know with 'and i emptied my cuts on his brand new stereo' leaves rustling birds dog barks 'i never want to see her face in the mirror again' guitar in the music, fingers over the chords 'i woke up in a strange place music so loud' cough from the typist chewing as he eats the flutter of plastic postit notes rattling more guitar no voice wait 'sweat pours down i am in the back seat sleeping' plus more can't ever keep up with the words poster flutters pepsi flutters dog barks birds spin dust settles but i can't heard this paper flaps 'this is a song for the dislocated' toenail runs along skin and the endless clack of these keys crack of the neck 'steady now keep your aim solid' jeff buckley still playing slowing down now static spacebar keys paper pepsi and now buckley speaks and there noise shall stop in one final fizz rustle wrap of plastic air blown sound filled moment.


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Mar. 15th, 2002 09:38 pm (UTC)
well, don't try that quick typing gain. sheesh. many wrong words written, so my apologies. but still, keeping your ears for sounds and typing at the same time isn't as easy as i thought.
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