Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Life of...

I thought today, "It's best to respect everyone, while maintaining a healthy disrespect for all their opinions."

Perhaps it only works in relation to art, however.

At any rate, the final twenty thousand words of this book is taking longer than I thought, which is why the blog has been a bit quiet. The priority running into the end of the year is to finish it, then begin hunting around for a new agent and so forth. Once that is happening, new things can be written.

The girl and I have shifted markets, moving from Glebe to the Rocks, where tourists are bussed in, and I have made friends with a woman who sells cheese boards. The process to get into the Rocks Market was a little more intense, involving submissions, interviews, and the like. There are a few markets like that and it's nice to get into them, but in the same way, they have to prove themselves. So far, we've been a bit underwhelmed by the Rocks, a sentiment shared by everyone that we talk to. However, I did see a guy who made 'steampunk' jewelry out of old watches, pulling them apart for the gears, cleaning them up and then mounting them, or setting jewels in them. It's a pretty simple idea, but really quite impressive, and worth the look if you're into that kind of stuff. Still, for us, it has been a bit underwhelming, but hopefully it'll pick up. We're at Kirribilli Market in a couple of weeks, and then at the Glebe Street Fair, so hopefully all these things will work out well. Still, it's an up and down life, this marketeer, thing.

If I owned a press, I reckon I'd be at these markets, though, I have to say. You can sell books at these things and if you had enough diversity in your line, you would stand a decent chance to make a profit, and to reach an audience that you don't usually come into contact with. One of the things about selling Above/Below among all the photography is the diversity of people who buy it. It's been enough, actually, to make me consider reprinting 26lies, and perhaps doing some small, one off projects, just for my own amusement. Not that I have the time or money for it at the moment, mind you.

But isn't that always the case?

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