Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Innocence of Muslims

Over the weekend, there were protests in Sydney at the US embassy over the film Innocence of Muslims.

There were a lot of things said, afterward. Mostly, it was a condemnation for the violence that happened, and for the images of children holding posters claiming that heads ought to be chopped off, and various other violent ideas. In addition to this, there's been a suggestion after that the protests were helped along by extremist groups, which if it's true, isn't so surprising. Extremists have bussed it to Sydney to riot before. But through all of this, one thing has not been said, and I keep waiting for it. People talk about the film, about the responses, about the anger and the violence, and some times they talk sense and sometimes they do not. Some very valid points have been made by others that the catalyst for the violence is not really the film, but that the deep resentment from years of violent US foreign policy, coupled with a rising frustration in the young due to the lack of opportunities, employment, and the growing cost of living, have led to the attacks abroad. And, to be sure, these are all part of it: any violent protest or riot is years in the making, and built out of a variety of issues.

But no one has said, "Innocence of Muslims is a piece of shit. You ought to be ashamed of your reaction to this film."

And seriously, if you protested or raised a hand or did anything other than turn off this piece of shit, you ought to be ashamed.


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