Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


Back to work on the novel today, finally.

I have a few short stories in my head that I'd like to write, but I'm holding off, since I'm on the downward slope of the novel (rewriting the final quarter) and I want to push through and finish it before I do those. I'll have enough time as I search for a new agent to write short fiction, really.

The last few weeks have been busy, despite the fact that students were off doing their trials (and thus, I taught a little less). N. and I started up a stall out a Glebe Markets on a Saturday, where we primarily sell her photography in the form of prints, cards and magnets. I also sell copies of Above/Below out of it, so if you drift by one Saturday, you can buy one off us there if you'd like. It has taken a bit of work to get the stall moving, but it's pretty decent so far. It's also left me with a few ideas on doing small run projects to sell through the stall, perhaps reprinting 26Lies, maybe. If I do that, I'll probably get off my ass and get a website up and a little stall through there, but there'll be some time before or even if that happens. I kind of feel like doing something that makes pretty books, pretty objects, however--with all this talk of the digital world, of downloads and such, I find myself missing the talk of pretty objects, of nicely designed things you can hold and read.

But, y'know, like I said, it's a way off before anything like that. What I know about printing books I could describe to you in a handful of words, really, and when you know nothing, there's a lot to learn.

Still, it's all good thought for creativity.

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