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One of the books I'm looking forward to in the next couple of months is Adam Browne's Pyrotechnicon.

Cyrano de Bergerac: lover, poet, inventor, swordsman — man of ferocious blade and pretty talent.

In the Seventeenth Century, M. de Bergerac gave account of his fantastical First Voyage to the Moon and his Second Voyage to the Sun. How fortunate that publication of his Third Voyage has been so long delayed and that only now are we afforded the delicious anticipation of knowing the finest, the most fabulous tale of all is yet to come.

What matter any doubts as to the authenticity of the text (purportedly found during the United States’ MER-V mission to Mars, its rover robot famously rolling aside a small boulder to discover the pages you are about to read)? What care we who offers the riches; let us but accept the gift!

Let us dive nose first into this salty welter, effervescent with wordplay, tossed with wonders, a Voyage that takes Renaissance science to abyssal deeps and rarefied heights — trekking among the square roots of a mathematical forest; travelling across time in a rose-sailed ship; battling animalcules in a microscope-shaped zoo…

Above all, let us keep pace with M. de Bergerac on his most challenging quest — the inward quest; the test of the soul — for not until this fiercest swordsman in all France casts aside his blade will he have the might to defeat his deadliest foe, the dread Master of Secrets.

It will also, from what I understand, come complete with Browne's illustrations throughout.


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