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Ben Peek

Snapshot 2012

These every-few-years Snapshots are developing their own grim kind of gravitas in the vein of Michael Apted’s ‘The Up Series’. All the hope and aspirations showcased then savaged by the passage of time. A few years on and suddenly one of us is gone. Look around, folks – who do you reckon will be next? Checking my own last 2010 Snapshot, I note that almost nothing I was talking about back then came true. How many of this year’s hard-worked projects will be disintegrated by forces beyond anybody’s control?

The above quote is from Cat Sparks, who is commenting in Paul Haines' 2012 Snapshot.

The Snapshot was something I began, seven years ago, without any care of interest in continuing it. It was just an idea, something that made me laugh, and so I interviewed forty-three people in a week. But ideas are cheap, you know? You can have a hundred ideas in a day and they all might be completely awesome, but unless you do something with them, they don't really amount to much. All the hard work of the Snapshot in subsequent years has been done by others, by Alisa and Kathryn, Tansy and Alex, and all of those who have contributed for a year here and there and then moved on.

You can start reading them here.

Cat is right, incidentally: there is something grim and compelling--and even moreso--as time goes by. Read this year's, then read the years before, and see how things have changed, because change is part of life, it is.

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