Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Happy Tuesday

It happened: the lurking sickness of yesterday arrived, and both the girl and I are muttering and wandering around the house, diseased. No doubt, it's terrible. No doubt, I will be able to bottle it and sell it to my friends and enemies.

Until then, I am working slowly, a thousand words of rewriting and editing until I reach the halfway mark of the book.

Here's a bit of what I did, because I have nothing else to share today.

There were rotting pews and, to the left, a broken dais.

He could make out only the edges of other items, promises hinted in the dark, shapes that teased the imagination.

Pushing himself forward, Zaifyr dropped to the ground, the momentum to carry him to his knees. His hands pressed deep into cold, slippery mud.
There was glass beneath his feet and he tried to avoid it, but did not succeed. Within two steps, his left foot had two shallow cuts. Ignoring the wounds, he stared ahead, at the dark that, with the faint light of the haunt no longer being blocked by his body, revealing more to him that it had previously done.

“You are not welcome.”

From the dark: guttural, barely understandable.

“You are not welcome.”

He approached the voice, the mud sliding between his toes, the edges of glass threatening to cut him again. He passed the outline of a rotting pew. Before him, a figure began to take shape. He saw a bestial head that could have once belonged to any canine creature, but which was defined by the length of a wolf's nose and the dull, bared teeth of the same animal. It was made from steel, however, a suit of armour cast for a figure much larger than human.

“You are not—”

Zaifyr's hand touch the cold metal mid sentence and the helmet toppled, landing to his left with a clatter. The suit followed, sprawling across the ground. Whoever—whatever—had owned the ancient armour was gone, dead. Perhaps. Perhaps it had fled, leaving once it realised that Ger had no power over it, that the binds that once held it in place as a guardian were broken, that after servitude for millions of years, it was free.

Happy Tuesday and all of that.

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