Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

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The Mournful Quiet of Luna Park

Luna Park is one of two amusement parks in the world that is protected by government legislation. I don't know what the second is but, located on the edge of Sydney Harbour, I know that several of the park's buildings are heritage listed.

In 1979, six children and an adult were killed in a fire in the ghost train ride, a fire caused by age and neglect, and the park has suffered in stutters and moments of life since. It has spent years closed and years open. It has been the subject of legal battles from those who live in the area and don't want the noise from the rides, nor the noise from construction. It is now, operational, but with limited hours, and when you pass, it's mostly quiet, but lit up. Around you it's bright, bright, but the darkness from the mouth stretches back, into the rides, into the steel barriers, a stillness that lingers.

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