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Boy 'Pregnant With His Own Twin Brother.

"Doctors have removed a 4lb baby boy from the stomach of his seven-year-old twin brother.

Alamjan Nematilaev was born with the freak foetus growing inside him.

For seven years it lived like a parasite until a school doctor became alarmed about Alamjan's bulging tummy and took him to hospital.

Surgeons who gave him a scan operated immediately, unaware that the baby was attached to the boy's blood vessels and still alive.

They saved Alamjan from certain death, but knew the 8 inch foetus was doomed."

do i believe this? well, who knows, but man, is it fucked up.


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Jun. 12th, 2003 01:00 am (UTC)
Strange but not unique
It might be true, it might not be...

I've heard of other cases like that, although it was with women who hadn't miscarried when the foetus died. One foetus was something like 35 years old in an elderly woman, and it was all shrivelled up. She'd had no idea it was there. Ew!

Man I feel sorry for the kid, though. First his parents didn't believe him, now he's told to shut up.

It also raises the question of the foetus's sentience.

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