Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
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The Trio of Hands

The Trio of Hands is apparently the name of a seminal book about Rock, Paper, Scissor.

Written by Wojek Smallsoa,who died in 2010, The Trio of Hands is the subject of what appears to be an entirely fabricated book--one that sounds both amazing and life changing, as only such a book can be--and the people who have seen it describe as such:

Indeed, The Trio of Hands does exist, and it is a delightful tome of RPS wisdom. It is remarkably hard to come by, however. A brief history: Wojek Smallsoa had already attained a level of greatness by the late 50's. It is difficult for us to realize now just how groundbreaking his style of play was at the time. It was suggested that he organize his thoughts on the subject for an introduction to the World Championships of 1959. His notes ran to over 100 scribbled pages, out of which he selected a few paragraphs for the opening remarks at the Tournament. This, then, was the first time any part of Trio was in print (this is now subsumed under the section entitled "The Price of Success") Joseppe DiScaglia, the editor of Mondo di RPS at the time, suggested that Smallsoa compile some of his notes for serialization. A total of six sections were created for Mondo from late 1959-1960. These were not in their final forms as appear in Trio, but were summaries of the "meat" of Trio, the main strategic sections. These are:

Before the Prime
Proper Priming
The Throw,
Strategic Assessment
Constructing a Game Plan

Lest the newcomer think otherwise, even the sections in Trio are more poetic descriptions than an exhaustive study, which would have made the slim tome into a several volume edition.

No need to thank me for today's moment of beautiful.

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