Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Is It Over?

It has been a long, long week.

Today, I should hear if my car is worth repairing, or not. That should tell you the kind of week I had.

I did enjoy hating on everything, though. I enjoy finding things and picking them apart, like books and films and tv shows. It's not for everyone, but the enjoyment of seeing how things fail can be a sweet one. Sometimes, though, I'm just mean spirited. Yesterday I saw a bit of Ellen and thought that, really, Ellen Degeneres looks more and more like the comic book illustrations of the Joker, androgynous and long in the face, and with a smile that hints of insanity. Why not? On her show she had these two kids who were 'talented' and then followed with a super model who looked like a taller version of these kids, without curves in any fashion. All the things they talked about were shit stain stupid. Black and white morals, a child's view of the world. You couldn't really tell when she stopped talking to the children if you closed your eyes. Sometimes I have that experience everywhere I go.

April is going to be busy and perhaps heart breaking, but after a week, I'm back writing, at least.
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