Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Today's Inflammatory Comment

With all this recent talk of books for children, I find myself, occasionally, thinking that young adult books are a lot like pornography for retired people: I've seen it, but it doesn't excite me, so I'll pass, thanks. It's not really aimed for me, y'know?

So, a question?

Does this excite you?

Over at the New York Times, a bunch of young adult authors and columnists are busy telling everyone that kids books are breaking down the barriers because kids are demanding that they compete with their shit pop music from Korea, video games, and easy access to pornography. Somehow, that means adults ought to read it and love it. I don't really understand why we have to make books for kids somehow interesting to adults. It's okay if you dig the stuff as trash or if you never learned to read at school. Whatever. Kind of wish you'd all talk about cool books, though. Maybe you'd like to try Ben Marcus' The Flame Alphabet? No? On that kids book shit, huh? You know you're sucking up air I need to live? You ever thought maybe you ought to just be better read?


How about senior porn, you tried that?

It's something you can grow into, at least.
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