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Have You Read Above/Below?

Have you read Above/Below?


You should.

"Continues to press the nerd pleasure centers of my brain."
--John Scalzi.

"Cleverly and at times beautifully written."
--Not If You Were the Last Short Story.

"An old fashioned flip book... An interesting concept... Overt politics in SF, making a clear statement... Highly recommended."
--The Writer and the Critic.

"The stories concern diplomatic visits between the cities, and the terrible misunderstandings between the two, exacerbated by the ill-treatment of the ground people by the cities above, and in particular by the illnesses that doom those below to early deaths... interesting, with affecting main characters."

"Above/Below is an admirable, entertaining and successful work that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Its authors, Ben Peek and Stephanie Campisi, have done more than produce excellent novellas in their own right (although they have done that too) – they have produced an elegant composite novel which can, as I think I have shown, be read in any order."

"It's not everyday after all that we come across a book like The Griffin and Sabine trilogy or City of Saints and Madmen: The Book of Ambergris in which the medium or the storytelling technique changes everything. Above/Below is one such book and I say that not just because of the format but due to the quality of the writing as well. While short and immediate, one could spend a long time analyzing the book, poring over the details, debating the politics of the setting, and analyzing the nuances of Campisi and Peek's technique. They're compelling novelettes in their own right but together, a must-read novel for any reader--genre or otherwise--and is easily one of my favorites for 2011."
--Bibliophile Stalker.

And if you would like to see some reader responses, the goodreads Above/Below page has half a dozen or so reviews on it.

Buy the book from the publisher, here.

Or, as an ebook, here.

Or on kindle, here.
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