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Strange Things and Dwarf Jokes

i like odd things.

so: i have downloaded a copy of johnny cash doing a cover of nine inch nails' 'hurt'. it's a strange thing, sounding oddly like a studio version rather than something done live. nonetheless, it is pretty much johnny and a guitar, and the words, 'full of broken thoughts i cannot repair,' in that rusty, country voice of his. and you know, it's pretty good. i'm no johnny cash fan (lets face facts, most of his output in country, and that has never been a favourite) but you gotta admire the version, i say.

the second thing i have found, purely by following links, is the site belonging to the writer george c. chesbro, who wrote a series of novels feature the ex-circus dwarf turned private detective, mongo.

the first book, written in 1977, was called shadow of a broken man. the website will offer you some quotes from it, which, from the mouth of a dwarf, are really quite funny.

said by mongo, the dwarf detective, throughout numerous novels:

(the trick, here, is to see if you can pick the plots from the little bit of dialogue. it's kind of funny, and i think i've just summarized a bunch of them.)


"Some years ago a psychiatrist had told me that finding out things other people didn't want known was my way of trying to stay even with a society filed with people bigger than I was. The remark had been meant to startle, to provoke insight, and eventually to alter my behavior.

Instead, I'd simply found that I thoroughly agreed with him, and had gone out after a private investigator's license."

"You're looking at the last word in neglected minority groups."


"Perhaps because I was a physical deviate, I was drawn to the problems of other deviates.

"Sure...they thought I was the ghost of Frodo Baggins."

"There is an international espionage ring run by dwarfs!"

"...I just couldn't stand the thought of all that financial security. Who ever heard of a rich dwarf? People wouldn't take me seriously."


"You'd be amazed how few people feel the need for a dwarf private investigator."

"In some circles, lusting after a comatose girl's mother might be considered a bit tacky."

strangely, after the first three books, all the quotes become somewhat preachy and self righteous. it appears, and i may be wrong, the detective dwarf becomes a mouthpiece for the world's ills according to chesbro's. seems a shame, doesn't it?

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