Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Greg Bridges and his Cafe

Today, I discovered that the Australian artist, Greg Bridges, has opened up a cafe in my neighbourhood.

Called the Blend, it's set opposite the train station, in a small store where Bridges is busy designing the logos and getting the place up and running, while working the till and making coffee behind the bar. It wasn't until the third or so time that I was in there with N. that I asked about the paintings on the walls--all of them original pieces by Bridges himself, and hanging around an odd, but cool assortment of furniture that he has placed in the store. I didn't figure on him being the artist, so I asked him if he knew him.

Funny world, huh?

Anyhow: go and check it out, if you're around in the neighbourhood. It's Toongabbie, so I know you're all dying to be there.

In other news, the painting is over, there are new bookshelves in the house, and the cat appears to have decided we're not moving and is asleep on the couch comfortably. The alarm on my car might have fallen apart and left me momentarily stranded, but it's best not to dwell.
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