Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

You're Giving Perth a Bad Name (Shocking As That Sounds)

I don't really know why you would feel the urge to justify how you first came into contact with PJ Harvey, but Ian Church appears to find the need, to tell the world that his partner introduced him, and that he respects Harvey for holding her own with other male musicians.

I, like many of other males have been introduced to PJ Harvey by my partner. And after just two minutes of being at the concert hall, a guy and his wife pick up on our West Country English dulcet tones.

We talk about her music, and how although we as men are not massive fans, we both have great respect for her and her song writing.

After seeing PJ Harvey perform at festivals, I know this lass can hold her own with the boys. For research you only have to look at songs from the Desert sessions where she performs with the likes Mark Lanegan, and Josh Homme.

I know, I know: wouldn't it be better if music was the domain of men only, wouldn't it be better if women just learnt their place in the kitchen?

Damn right.

Imagine if you just liked her music for her music and you found it on your own?


It'd be, like, some kinda apocalypse. You know, one of them ones lead by womens.

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