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The End of the Year

It's that time, again.

This time last year, N and I were sitting in a river cat, riding beneath the Harbour Bridge as we headed into Sydney Harbour for the fireworks. A year later, we're sharing a place and, like the cynical local I am (and she now is), we are not going into that seething mess of people. You can't do the Harbour fireworks every year, I reckon. It's too many people, a flood of bodies stretched over hills, beneath bridges, camped out on towels, drifting into the clubs and pubs or private, Harbour side parties. In the last decade, I've been to watch the fireworks three times, and I reckon that is just about the right amount of time, even if I did once end up in a bar on Coogee to watch Vanilla Ice perform. He did so, showing up for an hour after New Years, and was awful and arrogant, and possibly the worse live show I have ever seen, but it was exactly what he should have been, and I had a great night, that night, and regret nothing.

But, if I did regret it, I couldn't take it back, and this is the kind of thing that happens when you don't end up beneath Sydney Harbour Bridge. But, like I said, you can't do that every year, and you just have to go where it takes you, otherwise.

This year, I have decided, however, was a pretty decent one. I have a lovely partner and I wrote well. I didn't rescue anyone from a building that was on fire, and I certainly didn't win a lot of money, or even sell books for a lot of money, but such is life. I managed to keep my health pretty much on the even, I felt pretty chill emotionally, and not a whole lot phased me, even when bad things hit me. Mostly, I reckon I was in a good place to roll with those, and I figure I'll roll alright with anything new that shows itself, though I could do without bad things happening, a sentiment that I am sure everyone can agree with. I suspect I am becoming a bit bored with teaching High School English, but I have no problems with that. I'll either find something new to make a bit of cash to keep writing, or I will be a bit more interesting with it, if I wish it to be. I have a few plans for books and ideas for pushing a bit of my own publishing a little, which will hopefully work out. One of the things I have grown to miss of late is when I was creating and publishing my own work--from the pamphlets of psychogeography to autobiographical comics, there was a kind of pleasure in doing the work, and I have an idea I think I'm going to do and run for a laugh and a bit of fun, and if it makes some money, cool, but if not, nothing lost. The times have changed enough, as well, that there's no skin off your nose if you do a good book and run it like a business, proper and all.


I have never been one to do new years resolutions, and that hasn't really changed. Try and make the most out of each year, try to be a positive individual, try and keep a sense of serenity about yourself. That's about it, really.

I hope you all have a good one, wherever you are.

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