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I watched the first episode of Housos today and loved it. I loved it so much that the whole episode is embed below:

It's bad taste humour slash parody from the people who bought you Fat Pizza, so if you saw that, you know what you're getting. If not, well: the first few minutes should tell you.

Set in the fictional suburb of Sunnyvale and located on Ramsey Street, Housos focuses on a bunch of unemployed people living in a housing commission who, through their own stupidity, try to pick up a disability pension, help old ladies who are drug mules, and put a stripper pole into their home. The early names will hint to anyone locale that the first point of parody is long running soap shows such as Niehgbours and Home and Away, while also taking a moment to turn and unload on the media representations of the West and the people who live in it, in general. There's some irony in watching clips from the show that go into the 'West' to talk to the real people who live there about their opinion of the show--and then, having a bunch of kids on camera, ensure that they sound not only stupid, but like the characters in Housos.

Ah, the joy of the media in Sydney.

For years, I have watched the media demonise people in the West, watched them hunt down single mothers, people on unemployment, etc, etc. A infamous incident a decade ago (or there abouts) had a current affairs show go into the Western suburbs to film angry teenagers destroying property, and bought back footage where kids chased their car down the road. They left the footage of them antagonising the kids, calling them out, and basically picking a fight with them on the cutting floor. So there is quite a lot of irony in hearing people claim that the show is poorly representing the area. (Which they don't actually do in the above clip--they go some way to say that the show is more true than not, but stop from coming right out and saying that. Complaints have come from elsewhere.)

Anyhow: regardless, I thought the show was pretty funny, and it's parody broad and wide, taking shots at everyone. It was nice to see Habib back, as well. But, while the show does a good job of making fun of the media representations of the area, and indeed people who live in the area, it does take its time to make a few points about the Western Suburbs of Sydney, and the poverty in it. For example, under funded hospitals, they do exist as well, and Franky's wait, while helped along with a bottle of Coke and Southern Comfort, is also true.

Take what you will from it, in the end. Housos isn't for everyone, just like Fat Pizza, but man, made me laugh.

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