Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Back to Treating People Humanely Now?

Perish the thought, I am sure.

The Australian High Court today ruled that the refugee swap was illegal.

Australia's High Court has ruled that a government plan for a refugee "swap" with Malaysia is unlawful.

Under the deal, Australia would have sent 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia and would have received 4,000 refugees in return over four years.

But the High Court ruled that Malaysia did not offer adequate protection for refugees in law, in what correspondents called a "huge blow" to the government.

Fortunately, this also implies to the opposition's plan to put refugees in another country, though I am sure that this will be politely glossed over by Tony 'Toxic Tax' Abbott.

It would be nice if, instead of changing laws, or doing something that, I dunno, ignores common decency, that the government would just process the refugees and asylum seekers onshore in a timely manner, but no doubt the Labor Government will feel as if their back has been placed against the wall, and anything but seeing this through to its bitter and politically stupid end is beyond them at this point.
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