Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Hug a Climate Scientist Day

Today is a day to hug:

Today (June 10) we’re asking everyone to hug a climate scientist.

You might have heard recently that since the debate over pricing carbon pollution has heated up, there have been death threats sent to climate scientists.

Frankly we're appalled by this kind of behaviour. No-one deserves to receive death threats for simply doing their jobs. No-one deserves to feel threatened or fear for their families for speaking out on their field of expertise. It's just not right.

These scientists are among the world's best in their field of science – the climate.

They take their jobs extremely seriously and with great rigour. They conduct peer-reviewed research and are published and cited in some of the world's most prestigious academic publications.

It does no good to try to intimidate or belittle our scientists. In fact Australia's climate scientists have long been punching above their weight. Though it is little wonder that our best and brightest head offshore where they are rewarded and are respected for their expertise.

After reading Crikey's First Dog on The Moon's cartoon we were inspired to hug a climate scientist on June 10. We want to hug them for doing their jobs and being the best in the world. (Thanks First Dog)

Okay we know that not everyone knows a climate scientist so here's what you can do:

* Update your Facebook status with “I say YES to hugging a climate scientist” or “I say YES to the science of climate change” - make sure you tag Say Yes Australia to share it with our growing community.
* Put out a tweet with “I say YES to hugging a climate scientist” or “I say YES to the science of climate change”. And ask people to retweet it. Don't forget the #sayyesaus hash tag.
* Visit Say Yes Australia for more things you can do.

If you do know a climate scientist make sure you give them a great big hug.

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