Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Above/Below in Locus

A review of Above/Below appeared in Locus by Rich Horton:

Also worth a look is the linked set of novellas, ‘‘Above’’ by Stephanie Campisi and ‘‘Below’’by Ben Peek. These two stories from Australia are bound dos-a-dos, and tell of the same events. ‘‘Below’’ is set in a city on the ground, dominated by a nation floating in the skies. When one of the sky cities crashes, war is the inevitable result. The stories concern diplomatic visits between the cities, and the terrible misunderstandings between the two, exacerbated by the ill-treatment of the ground people by the cities above, and in particular by the illnesses that doom those below to early deaths. Some of this ends up too programmatic, but the two stories are still interesting, with affecting main characters.

It's a cool, cute little book, and you should buy it, obviously.

Tags: above/below, review
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