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The story around Australia today is about the cruel slaughter of animals in Indonesian abattoirs:

The report featuring the Animals Australia video, which aired on Monday night on the ABC's Four Corners program, showed cattle at various Indonesian abattoirs having their throats hacked at, dying prolonged deaths, having their legs broken and their tendons cut and being beaten and gouged.

The public's reaction to the shocking images was swift, crashing the websites of animal welfare groups Animals Australia and the RSPCA, which led the investigation into conditions in Indonesian abattoirs, as well as that of online political movement Get Up!

“We’ve seen over 35,000 Australians sign a petition against live exports in just five hours this morning,” said GetUp National Director Simon Sheikh, who cited an average of 2000 visitors per minute across all three websites earlier today.

“It’s the fastest growing petition I’ve ever seen.”

Meanwhile, Animal rights group PETA called for a total ban on live exports to Indonesia.

I haven't watched the video attached to the page and I don't plan to do so. I'll take the word of the journalists that it is shocking and leave it at that.

However, I would like to take this moment to remind people that the inhumane slaughter of animals is not the only form of cruelty existing out there. The world doesn't need any more Kenny's and Pony's.

It occurs to me, as I prepare to end this post, that in many ways, the outrage that people feel over the slaughter of these animals is, in part, hypocritical. After all, the livestock is raised with the purpose of being slaughtered and served for food. However, while that is the case (and to be honest, I don't think it is 'in part'; rather, I know it is hypocritical), the truth remains that as we eat meat of any kind, there is a practice that we wish to impress upon the people who perform these acts. We don't want caged hens. We don't want animals killed in sloppy and awful ways. We want it to be professional, we want it to acknowledge the life that has been taken, and we want the life up to that moment to be one that is as healthy and lively as it should be for any animal.

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