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The Vampire A to Z.

taken from here:


A Slavic vampire, also found in the legends of the Kashube people of Canada. Said to be the spirit of an unbaptized dead girl, she is considered to be a terrible night visitor who crushes and oppresses her victims. In the Slavic legend once the Mara drinks the blood of a man she will fall in love with him and will return to plague his slumbers till his death. She is also said to be fond of feeding on the blood of children.


A vampire from India that enjoys consuming human beings. This creature would drink a victims blood through its skull, than eat the brain from the skull and finally proceed to wrap the victims intestines around its body and perform a ritual dance.


A vampire spirit that dwells in tribal sorcers among the Ewe, a people inhabiting parts of southeastern Ghana and southern Togo in Africa. The Adze flies around in the form of firefly but, if caught, changes into a human. It drinks blood, palm oil and coconut water and preys on children, especially handsome ones.


A vampire species found on the island of Santorini. They are described as fiends which banquet on the living.

the site is pretty neat. i figure you could use these myths in a similar way to people using fairy tales, and faerie myths, as well as ancient greek stories and so forth. anyhow, there's a whole heap of different vampires on the site. these are just a few that caught my eye, though my favourite is the adze.

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