Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

For Those Who Have Come In Late

I am the author Ben Peek, not the sports star, nor the elderly man in Asheville who died recently. My condolences to the family, however.

I live in Sydney, Australia, and I have had this blog for nine years. I've been in print for fifteen, and in that time, I have worked jobs I didn't like, got degrees by consequence, and now teach part time and write part time and have Dr. on my credit card. It could have been Lord Admiral of the Fleet, but I went with what I had instead, and it is a vague regret. I write fiction, most of it weird and speculative in nature, but sometimes not. I am somewhat critically acclaimed and somewhat controversial, depending on the people you speak with, which is always the way with these things. Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, my first book to be published, is an autobiography that is about the autobiographies that other people write. My second book, Black Sheep, is a dystopian novel about a world where multi-culturalism is a crime. My latest book, shared with Stephanie Campisi, is Above/Below, and is about two cities, one in the sky, and one on the ground, and the conflict between the two.

If you haven't bought a copy, you should. People are saying nice things. Someone recently offered to bloc vote for me.

With Anna Brown, I created the autobiographical comic, Nowhere Near Savannah, which you can still read online. I also created the Urban Sprawl Project, a free pamphlet of psycho-geography about Sydney suburbs. I am also responsible for the first Snapshot of Australian Speculative Fiction Writers and Artists, which was mainly filled with people who would speak to me at the time, but will not now. It is run more successfully and interestingly now by others, but occasionally I still do an interview on this blog, but it is pretty sporadic, and when time allows. I have written reviews, but I don't anymore, and I have written short fiction, and still do. Some of which has been nominated for awards and some of which has been reprinted in Year's Best Volumes and some of it has even had people who wrote to me and said they liked it. My short fiction has appeared in such places as Polyphony, Overland, Fantasy Magazine, the Agog! series, Sprawl, Leviathan Four, Forever Shores, and a whole lot more. Some of it may be online, still, if you are inclined to look.

You can find me here, or on twitter, or even on facebook. I have a webpage, but it needs to be updated and redesigned, and I am sure, one day soon, I will do that (probably when livejournal is finally destroyed). Either way, if you're new and reading this and don't quite know why I keep a blog or have so many public opinions, the reason I do is to sell you the idea that I'm interesting, to talk with people, to promote my work, and pass the time in a way I find agreeable.

Hi and welcome, in other words.

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