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noise. at any given time somewhere in a city, there is a noise. and not just 'a' noise, but rather lots of noises. all packed into any given moment and entirely incapable of being show on a screen or peice of paper. incapable. unable. no go. nada. well, least i figure so. you could probably do it on the screen in a website.

but noise is important to a city, don't you think? in Lantana there were all those sounds of birds in the background, as well as the sounds of leaves and such. anyhow, i think noise is important.

the five senses of a city. sadly, the most i smell is crap. body odour and shit. i dunno. maybe i am not smelling the right places.


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Mar. 15th, 2002 04:58 pm (UTC)
It sounds (no pun intended) like an overwhelming thought, to have to convey a real impression of all that noise. But I think that an attempt to do so would lack artistry. The most important part of your experience in hearing those noises isn't that they bombard your senses, but rather that many of them are filtered out. It's only the noises that have particular meaning for you that you really pay attention to.

If you listen to your own mind at the same time as listening to all the noise you can get an impression of the city as it is interpreted by you. What you notice & what you think with regard to the noises describes you as much as it describes the city. I think that using this to describe the character of your vignette at the same time as describing the part of the city the character is in could be an effective tool.

Or am I just being too psychological?

Boo Yeah!

PS Before the end of your PhD those little wobbling eyes that ALWAYS sit above this message box are going to drive me insane. I fear that my own eyes wil be wobbling back & forth very soon.
Mar. 15th, 2002 09:24 pm (UTC)
the eyes are great. they match my frantic expression to take everything in.


i think, to capture sounds, there are some ways you can do it. stream of thought, simple noise bits, maybe a few different narrative tools. but then there is the other sounds, not just the atmosphere, but those that are human created as well. it is, probably, rather impossible to capture all of this on a page (or screen) as they say. but you never know.

mainly, however, i think it would be as you say: sounds that certain people hear and relate too.
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