Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Vampire Mythos.

the versatile david carroll has provided an article about the vampire mythos. there is a link to article written about vampires in film by his companion in all things bumpy, kyla ward, and a few more written by david about various sub vampire places. (and, i might add, both david and kyla are fine writers of fiction, and folks would do a lot worse than picking up the latest edition of agog! for some of kyla's work. the previous edition features david, kyla, and me.)

but, back to the article: while the inclusion of dr who in the first paragraph is a bit frightening, david recovers from this, and the article becomes a good place to start on the vampire mythos, and it comes complete with a short biography that the curious reader can go and chase up.

(i even learnt that kathryn bigelow directed a vampire film.)

so, vampire mythos, the beginning.

anyone got anymore?
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