Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

That Fuck Off Moment

Just so it's clear, "Fuck off!" is not an acceptable response to people criticizing you, but oh, it is funny.

The link there leads to a very funny moment of self destruction by a self published author after responding to a pretty minor review of her book. It's neither a good review, nor a good book, and nothing about it speaks of professionalism, but it's getting a lot of links, and I thought I would provide it for people so that they could get a laugh, too. It is, of course, not the first time that an author has responded poorly to a bad review, and won't be the last.

It surprises me how many people get offended by reviews. The very first thing I understood about reviewing was that it had nothing to do with you as a person, and everything to do with the author of the review. He, or she, is creating a piece of independent literature that is born out of your work, nothing more. They neither care about what you are like privately, or if yo will send them Xmas cards. Well, they shouldn't care, I guess. There are plenty of examples of people being afraid to review work critically for how it will upset people--in Australia, I believe Jonathan Strahan infamously called the local scene one phone call wide, one phone call deep, and you'd be naive to believe that this does not have an influence on a portion of the critical work that comes out. But, in a purely theoretical debate about the critical responses of your work, as an author, the best thing you can do is to recognise that it isn't about you. You are not the audience of a review. You are not the author. The author of the review is responsible for creating an independent piece of work that is entertaining, interesting, and engaging to an audience that may or may not overlap with yours.

In short, take a step back and chill.
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