Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Promoting Minorities in Magazines and Anthologies

Every now and then I see the debate on minority representation in the speculative fiction scene, and inevitably, I see a white male editor say, "But we simply don't hear from women or people who aren't white," as if they've never heard of sending an email to one such author and asking for work.

Which, if you are aiming to have a stronger representation in your magazine or anthology, is what you should do, really. A good editor, by the nature of his or her job, has a wide appreciation of literature and demonstrates this in the assemblage of book, aiming to show a variety and range in the work that they select. It is part of making a good book (or magazine). It is surprising, then, that more people don't simply look to people who have different cultural backgrounds, if only for the different voices and opinions that will emerge. That's not simply limited to race, either, but gender and age, as well. A broad understanding of the authors that are out there writing will reward any editor, and keep his or her audience interested, simply because of the freshness that is there.


Back to work.

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