Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Self Made Millionaire Authors

If you've been following the news of publishing, you'll probably have heard about Amanda Hocking. She's a self made millionaire through e-publishing, writing a book in two weeks or so, and being used as a signal that traditional publishing is all but over.

Unless you read her blog, where she says that she is not said white horse, which is of course true.

It appears to me that publishing is going through a similar event that happened to film and music a decade ago, in which the internet threatened to kill the industry. Of course, no matter what some people will say, even if they claim a similarity between revolutions in the Middle East without mentioning their own connection, traditional publishers aren't going anywhere, nor is the traditional system. There is a change, of course, but it has been a long time coming with the technology, wherein authors who have gone it themselves are finally finding an audience, claiming to be indie, touring book blogs, getting reviews, and promoting themselves as alternates to big press. That's not such a bad thing, actually--especially if you've spent any time in the publishing world, where the levels to get anywhere, the work it takes to get noticed, the money in it... well, where most of the time, the pay reminds you that you do this for reasons that are not fame and fortune.

It's not a bad thing, these stories, though of course everyone has to take them with a grain of salt, knowing it doesn't happen to everyone, and sometimes, there's an element you didn't know about. But that doesn't mean it isn't bad. The stigma of self publication is, to a degree, earned, but it is also one that ignores that a lot of really sweet, indie work is published outside any traditional publication thread, and the chance for that work to reach a bigger audience is, in any case, a good one.

And, for everyone out there, good evening.
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