Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Above/Below & Scalzi

Over on his blog, Scalzi gave a shout out to Above/Below:

Above/Below, Stephanie Campisi and Ben Peek (Twelfth Planet Press): Twelfth Planet continues to press the nerd pleasure centers of my brain with their packaging of two tales in a single volume in classic “Ace Double” style. These two stories, about the cities of Loft and Dirt, also interrelate with each other in interesting ways, so there’s that as well. Fun concepts. This is out now.

Buy a copy here.

Also, if you're a reviewer, or someone in the media who'd like a copy of the book, drop me a line at benpeek at livejournal dot com. I've also got a copy of two left over if you have a blog, or a public venue that you can chat about the book on, and you'd like a free copy.

Ah, promotion. I'd stand on a corner with a copper cup and shill for coins if I thought that would get people to read it, really I would.
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