Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Above/Below Promotion and Giveaway

My copies of Above/Below arrived today and it's a very lovely book. As a pure object, I think it might be one of the nicest books I've had, design wise. Props go totally to Amanda Rainey for all the work she did.

Anyhow: it's time to set about getting some promotion for the book done.

As mentioned before, over at Goodreads, there's a giveaway for the book. I, however, have a few copies that I will send to anyone who has a blog and is willing to review the book, for good or ill. If you're keen on that, send me an email at benpeek at livejournal dot com and I'll post them out to you. I'm not too fussed where you live in the world, but do drop a url into your email as well.

If you're a reviewer for any kind of press and you would like a review copy, you can hit me up also. You can also hit the publisher, the details of which are here.

Promotion, getting word out, letting people know about your book--it is an important thing for any book, and it is certainly no different here, so if you have a club, or an event, or anything of a nature where you wish someone to tell jokes, speak about the importance of German High School, and explain to you the importance of astrophysics, drop me a line. Same goes if you want an interview.

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