Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Smell of Despair

I had a different post today, but then--then I came across this list of the top 55 sci fi and fantasy movies in 2011.

It's a terrible list. Nearly every movie on it looks like a piece of shit, something that even the people who made the list can't avoid sayomg. A number of the movies include the line, 'maybe it'll be fun.' Yes, nothing like having standards. Perhaps if everyone stopped watching these things, then they wouldn't get made? Perhaps if we set some of these directors on fire, or at the very least burned their houses down? But then, what do I know? People line up for films where vampires sparkle in the daylight, and form clubs where mothers can come together and talk about their lust for the actors in the films. Seriously, not all art has to be important or reinventing the wheel, but we should be at least be able to look at the thing and think, well, that should be good. That shout not insult my intelligence. That shouldn't make James Cameron look like an auteur. Anything rather than, 'God, they've made a prequel to The Thing. Fuck you people. Seriously. Fuck you in the ass with a sharp piece of metal that leaves jagged scars.'

And to show, indeed, that I am not over reacting here, that the world of film has entered a deep pit from which nothing but bile spews out and coats you in it to numb your mind and make you love things that go beep, I present you for a trailer for a film called Suing the Devil, in which Malcolm McDowell plays the devil.

It's not wrong to know despair.

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